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Crumplepop introduces Dale Grahn colour grading tutorials for iPad

Reported by Mat Gallagher:

CrumplePop Presents: Dale Grahn Color from CrumplePop on Vimeo.

The process of colouring and grading film is one of the dark arts of the movie world. Though digital software now offers one-click solutions for many effects, it can’t match the manual skill employed by professional colourists. Dale Grahn has worked on hundreds of major films as a colour timer (his IMDB entry is pretty impressive) and lists Steven Spielberg as one of the many directors he has worked with. Rather than shroud his techniques in secrecy though, he has decided to share his knowledge in the form of an iPad app. Dale Grahn Color from developer CrumplePop is an interactive app that includes tutorials from Dale himself, as well as challenges to match the effect he has given to a range of still images. Using a simple set of RGB/CMY, highlight/midtone/shadow, density and saturation adjustments, you are free to manipulate the image as you see fit and once completed are given a score as to how close you came to Dale’s version. The challenges are divided in to Novice, Intermediate and Expert, and you can even use it to adjust and save your own images. For anyone even remotely interested in post processing this is certainly worth the download price (currently just $3.99 US). More details can be found on the website, or simply search in the app store.

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