Redrock Micro launch new microShoulderpad, improved handgrips and counterweights

By site editor Dan Chung:

Redrock Micro have been busy this holiday season launching three new products that add new features to their popular rig lineup. The new microShoulderpad looks like a big improvement over the original microShoulderpad. It adds a super tough Cordura pad with a breathable 3D mesh and most importantly a micro-Poly bead filling that moulds to your shoulder. The beads allow the pad to self level and should make the pad super comfortable.

There is also the new microBalance counterweight system with push button quick release 2lb weights. These can be stacked up or repositioned without the need for tools. One nice feature is that there is an integrated hole pattern on the weights that allow users to mount a Anton Bauer, Sony V-lock or PAG battery directly to the weight.

Lastly there are redesigned handgrips that have a new grip design that is said to be more comfortable and reduce moisture build-up. Users of existing Redrock Micro handgrips can upgrade each grip for $9.95.

You can find out more about Redrock Micro’s new products over on their website. Existing Redrock rig owners can upgrade their rig with the latest parts here.

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