Matt Allard shoots 'The Iron Psyche' using the new KineRAW S35 Chinese cinema camera

By site editor Dan Chung:

The Iron Psyche from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.

Our technical editor Matt Allard had been shooting with a pre-production KineRAW S35 camera for the past few weeks. For those who don’t know this is a Chinese made digital cinema camera that retails in China for less than $7000 US. Check out our previous reports on the camera.

Initial shipments have now begun to Chinese customers and I have been lucky enough to get one myself. Sadly I’ve been far too busy to test out the production model, so for now sit back and enjoy Matt’s lovely short shot on the pre-production model. A full review will be following in due course.

Edit – The slow motion shots in the video are not shot using the KineRAW S35, Matt says they were shot on a Sony FS700. The KineRAW is only capable of 720p/60.

The Pre-production KineRAW S35 in action

These are the notes from Matt’s video:

The Iron Psyche was shot on the Kinefinity Kineraw camera. This camera records 2k 12bit RAW files to either Cineform or Cinema DNG. kineraw.com/index.asp

The camera used was an engineering sample and not a production model.

It was edited in Adobe Premiere and the sound mix was done in pro tools.

It was very lightly graded, just the odd bit of contrast, saturation and black levels changed. We did this on purpose so people can see what the Kineraw image looks like. We did zero noise reduction or sharpening on any of the footage.

The camera itself does no in camera noise reduction. So what your seeing noise wise is exactly what’s coming off the sensor.

This short was filmed over two days in Cronulla, Rockdale and Lewisham, all suburbs in Sydney, Australia.
Lenses used were the Zeiss ZF2’s. 21mm f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.4. Additional lenses used were a PL modified 11-16mm f2.8 and a Samyang 24mm f1.4

A full review and article on the Kineraw is coming soon to dslrnewsshooter.com

Shot by Matthew Allard, Clinton Harn & Phil Arntz
Directed by Matthew Allard
Edited by Clinton Harn & Matthew Allard
Audio Mixed by Clinton Harn & Matthew Allard

Crew Websites:
philarntz.com or follow Phil on twitter.com/philarntz
clintonharn.com or follow Clinton on twitter.com/ClintonHarn

Very Special Thanks to:
Silvana Ghoussain, Ken Thornberry,
Igor Goloubev – Head Trainer,
The Kostya Tszyu Boxing Academy,
Anna Dalton, Kinefinity Cameras,
Steven Rushworth, Jason Wingrove
Røde Microphones, Maria Pittiglio &
Shelley Watts for going above & beyond.

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