The Aviator compact jib – A Kickstarter project for shooters on the go

By site editor Dan Chung:

The Aviator Travel Jib from Nice Industries is a product that will interest a lot of news and documentary shooters with lighter cameras. It is an ultra lightweight jib that weighs less than 3 ¾ lbs, can support cameras up to 6 lbs, extends to 6 feet and yet compacts to 24 inches. Setup is said to take less than a minute. Interestingly Nice Industries has chosen Kickstarter to get their product off the ground (pardon the pun), pledges of various amounts are needed to secure one of the first jibs when they are made. Check out the promo video:

In some respects it is similar in concept to the Dslrdevices jib we previously featured on this blog. Uniquely though the Aviator has a fluid pan base that is said to work with practically any photo or video tripod. Also the arm sections have tripod style locking collars made by tripod manufacturer Three Legged Thing.

It will be available in both mag alloy and a more expensive carbon fibre version. Various kits are offered on the Kickstarter page. Pricing on Kickstarter is $399 for a complete kit although the retail price is expected to be higher.

Zeke Kamm of Nice Industries told me the jib took three years to bring to market. Thanks to significant interest from the DSLR film making community their Kickstarter is now fully funded past the $100K mark and they are commencing production. The factory is starting to tool up and barring any unforeseen delays the first jibs should be in shooters hands come August. He is confident that the compact jib will perform at a ‘professional level’.

To learn more, visit the Aviator Travel Jib Kickstarter campaign or the company’s website.

Below is an extended BTS video of the Aviator promo:

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