HDSLR training in the UK – second London workshop date announced

By Dan Chung

Many thanks to all those who came to my ‘HDDSLR in the real world’ training workshop at Jacobs Pro lounge in London last week. One unexpected pleasure was to have some top Associated Press and Bloomberg news photographers along as participants.

Also a big thank you to Nick Millen of Canon UK for coming along to support the event and bringing his expertise as well as the latest lovely L lenses with him on the day. We had a good discussion on a range of topics as well as gear available to try from Manfrotto, Jag35, Zacuto, Redrockmicro, Genus, Pinknoise Systems and IDCphoto.

Canon's Nick Millen (L) hides from the camera
Some lovely Canon glass including the new fisheye zoom

Apologies to those we could not accommodate this time; we felt it was much better to keep the class small and more personal. As it was oversubscribed, Jacobs and myself are organising another session on July 1st. Again it will be open to all, but those of you who were on the waiting list last time and didn’t get a place will have the first option to attend this one. As before we are keeping numbers below ten.

This is what news photographer Jason Alden had to say about the workshop – “I had an excellent day on Dan’s course, it really helped answer all the questions that I would otherwise have to learn through making mistakes. The course was ideally pitched for the working Editorial Photographer who just needs technical direction to get them on their way. Well worth the time and money; I’m certain it will prove a good investment.”

The workshop will be £150 for the day ( 10am-5.30pm ) and will take place on Friday, July 1st at the Jacobs Pro lounge, 74 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1EU.
To book a place please contact Henrietta or Donal on 0207 436 6996.

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