BBC news uses 5DmkII for Burma story

This is a big deal: I am reliably informed the BBC has aired its first hard news piece shot mostly on a Canon 5DmkII. It’s a nicely filmed report on Burma’s Kachin army by correspondent Alastair Leithead and shot by a BBC cameraman. Much of the footage has the DSLR look but I’m told they also used a small Sony A1 HDV camcorder for the interview sections. The piece is a great use of the camera as they were travelling to a remote location – the 5DmkII makes it much easier to keep a low profile.

The Burma story shot on 5DmkII, click picture to view the video on the BBC website
The Burma story shot on 5DmkII, click picture to go to BBC website


Up till now the only 5DmkII or 7D material I’ve seen on the BBC have been a snooker promo and a piece about Phil Bloom and his filmmaking. Now the BBC are joining numerous major news organisations in using DSLR for news footage; others include PBS, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 (UK), Reuters, AP and Agence France Press.


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