Marker Data for Final Cut Pro

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Marker Data is a marker extraction application that was designed specifically for Final Cut Pro. It allows users to extract, convert and create databases from Final Cut Pro’s Marker metadata easily.

Key features

  • Functionality allowing batch extraction and rendering of stills or animated GIFs based on each Marker’s timecode.
  • Automatically analyse and embed colour swatches from extracted images for shot reference.
  • Integrates with Final Cut Pro, boasting a native Share Destination & Workflow Extension.
  • Precise extraction of Markers, ensuring an accurate representation of metadata.
  • Native integration with renowned databases such as Notion and Airtable.
  • Synchronize Final Cut Pro’s Marker metadata to cloud databases with a single click.
  • Versatile features for batch burning-in labels, embedding comprehensive metadata of each Marker onto stills or animated GIFs.
  • Comprehensive timeline functionality, encompassing support for timelines such as Projects and Compound Clips.
  • Allows the creation of multiple configurations tailored to diverse project requirements.
  • Harnesses the potential to utilise Captions as Markers, adding a layer of flexibility.
  • Written in Apple Swift language and SwiftUI framework.
  • Application is Notarised by Apple.
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Why would you need to use it?

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Marker Data would be suitable for the following use case scenarios.

  • Marker Notes Database
  • Shot Library Database
  • VFX Database
  • ADR Database
  • Stock Footage Database
  • Music Cue Sheet Database
  • Colourist’s Notes Database
  • Client Review & Tracking Database
  • Offline & Online Notes Database
  • Send Final Cut Pro’s Markers to DAWs
  • Create YouTube Chapters

Available Extract Profiles

  • Notion (JSON)
  • Airtable (JSON)
  • Comma-separated values (CSV) – Compatible with spreadsheet applications
  • Tab-separated values (TSV) – Compatible with spreadsheet application
  • Microsoft Excel (XLSX)
  • YouTube Chapters (TXT)
  • Standard MIDI File – Compatible with most audio DAWs

Price & Availability

Marker Data for Final Cut Pro is free to download.

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