NANLITE FC-500C RGBW Color Spotlight

NANLITE has announced its new FC-500C RGBW color spotlight. This is a high-output color light that uses NANLITE’s latest technology to maximize output and increase efficiency.

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The FC-500C is a high-output, full-color spotlight with a rated power of 520W. It can create a powerful tight beam when used with reflectors and lenses or a beautiful soft source with ample output when used with a softbox or other diffusion.

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It also has features like color modes and Green/Magenta shift. The FC-500C utilizes Nanlite’s high-output RGBW full-color light technology. This is claimed to make the light as efficient as possible so it can deliver high output in both white light and color modes.

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The claimed output is 57,050 lux @1m (5600K, with reflector) and 25,590 lux @1m (green, with reflector).

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The FC-500C offers a wide color temperature range from 2700K-7500K and ±150 Green/Magenta adjustment.

  • CCT Range: 2700K-7500K
  • G/M adjustment: ±150
  • CRI: Average 95 TLCI: Average 94
  • TM-30 Rf: Average 92 TM-30 Rg: Average 100
  • SSI 3200K: 84 5600K: 71

The FC-500C has five built-in lighting modes, and all those modes can be easily controlled through the user interface on the head, or via the NANLINK app.

The FC-500C features a standard Bowens mount and an umbrella mount to attach light-modifying accessories

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The FC-500C comprises a lamp head plus a separate AC power supply. The head weighs in at 3.91kg / 8.62lb,

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The FC-500C features a larger 11cm diameter fan that allows for efficient cooling at lower speeds. To minimize noise it has four fan modes (Smart / High Speed/LowSpeed / Off) that allow the user to manage lighting and audio recording requirements.

In Smart mode, the fan automatically adjusts its speed based on the ambient temperature, allowing for 100% power output while limiting the noise level to around 29 dBA*, making it suitable for professional projects.

  • In Smart mode or Full Speed mode, the maximum output is 100%.
  • In Low Speed mode, the maximum output is 50%.
  • In Off mode, the maximum output is 8%.

The FC-500C supports DC 48V input and can be powered either by the included power adapter or the external batteries (sold separately). When used with the FC Power Controller, the FC-500C can be powered by one or two 14.4-14.8V / 26V batteries.

The FC-500C fixture body is equipped with a USB port for firmware updates via a USB drive.

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The FC-500C comes with a carry case made from high-density EPP material, which offers excellent pressure resistance and impact durability.

Pricing & Availability

The NANLITE FC-500C retails for $1099 USD.

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