Insta360 Flow Pro– an AI tracking stabilizer for iPhones

Insta360 has announced Flow Pro, an AI tracking stabilizer for iPhones. It is claimed to be the first gimbal to utilize Apple’s subject-tracking DockKit technology.

According to Insta360, Flow Pro enables accurate tracking with the iPhone’s native camera, as well as over 200 third-party apps. With 3-Axis Stabilization, Deep Track 3.0, a built-in selfie stick and tripod, and new 360° Infinite Pan Tracking with an LED Tracking Ring Light, Flow Pro is being touted as a good solution for on-the-go mobile content creation, online meetings, video calls, and live streaming.

The Flow Pro hasn’t really been designed to work with iPhones in cages as it has a maximum payload capacity of 300g / 10.58 oz. An Apple iPhone 15 Pro MAX weighs 221 g / 7.80 oz so if you wanted to use it inside a cage with a variable ND solution then you only have less than 80g to play with. If you also shoot with an external SSD attached to your iPhone then you are going to exceed the max weight capacity of the Flow Pro.

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The Flow Pro payload capacity means that Insta360 is targeting content creators and influencers who don’t use variable ND filters or record externally to SSD drives when shooting with smartphones.

The battery life is claimed to be up to 10 hours and it charges via a USB-C input.

Apple DockKit Enabled

Track subjects directly with your native iPhone camera and third-party iOS apps. Stay in frame and create videos, live stream, and video call completely

AI-Powered Deep Track 3.0

Next-gen AI tracking algorithm in the Insta360 app with greater accuracy in complicated environments, smarter subject recovery, and improved versatility.

3-Axis Stabilization

Flow’s pan, tilt, and roll axes cancel out even the smallest shakes, making your handheld phone shots look smoother.

360° Infinite Pan Tracking

Flow Pro follows subjects with a full 360° rotation and a new Tracking Ring Light, so you always know when it’s tracking.

One-Tap Pairing

Get going in no time. Tap your phone to quickly pair via NFC and connect again with auto-reconnection.

The Insta360 Flow Pro folds down completely so it won’t take up much space in a bag.

Price & Availability

The Insta360 Flow Pro is now available for $149 USD.


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