Core SWX Helix Max 147Wh Lithium-Ion Dual-Voltage Batteries on sale for $499 USD


The very good Core SWX Helix Max 147Wh Lithium-Ion Dual-Voltage Batteries are on sale for $499 USD, which is a saving of $250 USD. You can get them in either V-mount, Gold Mount, or B-mount.

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Key features

  • Dual-Voltage 14V and 28V
  • 147Wh Lithium-Ion Gold Mount, V-mount, or B-mount Battery
  • 20A Draw at 16.8V, 10A Draw at 33.6V
  • D-Tap and USB Output Ports
  • Runtime LCD Display

The Helix Max 147Wh Lithium-Ion Dual-Voltage Battery provides simultaneous, 14 and 28V dual-voltage capabilities for a complete onboard system with high-voltage performance. A nearly lossless transmission and a maximum load of 20A at 16.8V or 10A at 33.6V makes this battery ideal for powering more demanding equipment builds in cine and broadcast applications.

The Helix Max draws minimal current at its maximum voltage, creating less heat and extending the runtime and longevity of the battery. A D-Tap aux output and USB output can power other accessories from monitors to mobile devices. Integrated into the battery’s design is an LCD screen to monitor the runtime and total battery percentage. Adding the separately available Helix hot-swap plate can double the available battery capacity and runtimes.

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