DSC Laboratories Closing Down


In somewhat of a shock, DSC Laboratories has announced that it is closing down after nearly six decades of proving test charts to the film & TV industry.

They will still be selling DSC products, for the next few months (until the end of October), and then they still plan to produce and deliver these products until the spring of 2025.

Below is the official statement from Susan Corley, President, DSC Laboratories.

Greetings from DSC Laboratories,

A BIG thank you, to each and every one of you who has used our test materials over the past years.  After more than six decades of providing “better images through research”, David and I are winding up the operations of DSC, and would like to provide you, our loyal customers, with a final opportunity to stock up on the award-winning DSC products that you have come to know and trust.

Our testing has found that DSC test charts, when stored in cool, dark conditions, have very good stability.  To facilitate the storage of DSC test charts, and then the measurement of their time-in-service, we have removed the printed replacement dates and have included a 24-month time strip, to be activated when a fresh test chart is put into use.

To wind up our operations in an orderly manner, we plan to accept orders for DSC products, for the next few months (until the end of October), and then to produce and deliver these products until the spring of 2025.  As supplies for the manufacture of certain products are limited, we would ask that you please send in your orders as soon as reasonably possible.  We will do our best to fill all orders, but may suggest a similar product (if the one you have ordered is unavailable), or in some cases we may be unable to provide it.  Recognizing that you may be ordering products for use in the future, please let us know if you would like to delay the shipment of them to you for a brief period – (but to no later than April 2025).

We are currently speaking with our dealers about them possibly acquiring a substantial inventory of DSC products to be sold in the coming years, and will let you know if we are successful in concluding such an arrangement or arrangements.

Thank you again for your support and for your suggestions over the years. Our products have been developed in collaboration with this community, and our lives have been enriched by our meetings and conversations with all of you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Susan Corley,

President, DSC Laboratories

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