Canon firmware updates for the EOS C500 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark III & EOS C70 now available to download

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After jumping the gun last week and posting on social media channels that the firmware updates for the EOS C500 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark III, and EOS C70 cameras were available to download, Canon has now actually released them. The only one I couldn’t find available for download was the firmware for the R5 C.

C500 Mark II

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  • “Sensor Mode” will be saved to an assignable button on the camera body to quickly change between Full-frame, Super 35mm and Super 16mm crop modes.
  • The Focus Guide box will have two size options: Standard and Large (approximately two times larger than standard).
  • Camera LCD screen will display a playback marker in Media Mode.

C300 Mark III camera

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  • Cinema RAW Light HQ/ST/LT recording modes will be added.
  • Auto ISO/Gain functions that can be operated from the camera menu, an assignable
  • button, or with a compatible remote-control unit will be added.


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  • Same Focus Guide and playback marker enhancements as the C500 Mark II and C300 Mark III cameras will be added.
  • Option of assigning functions to the select dial on the back of the camera, including AF subject selection, shutter, iris, ISO/gain, and white balance mode will be added.

EOS R5 C (not available yet)

  • Ability to adjust the thickness of the AF frame, making it easier to see in certain lighting conditions
  • Ability to reset the AF position by pushing the joystick or set buttons
  • When shooting RAW VR content with Canon’s dual fisheye lens, you will be able to record both the peripheral illumination and chromatic aberration data. This will help with processing footage into smoother and even more amazing VR content than before the firmware update.

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