NANLITE FS-300C 300W RGBW LED spotlight

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NANLITE has announced its new FS-300C 300W RGBW LED spotlight that is affordably priced at $549 USD. The FS-300C is designed to offer high output right across the color range.

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The FS-300C RGBW LED spotlight is a budget friendly addition to the FS series lineup. It is also the first FS series light with a RGBW light engine and it utilizes NANLITE’s color mixing technology in combination with the latest algorithm enhancements gives the FS- 300C a wide CCT range and precise green/magenta adjustment in CCT mode, along with extensive color choices in HSI mode.

  • CCT Range: 2700K-7500K
  • G/M adjustment: ±150
  • CRI: Average 95 TLCI: Average 94 
  • TM-30 Rf: Average 92 / TM-30 Rg: Average 100
  • SSI 3200K: 84 / 5600K: 71

The FS-300C also has 15 built-in effects.

High Output

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The FS-300C’s high power-ratio LED layout is claimed to produce an output of 34,200 lux at 1m / 3.3′ (5600K, with reflector)* and 15,850 lux at 1m / 3.3′ (green, with reflector). NANLITE states that the fixture outperforms other products in its wattage class.

*At 5600K, the FS-300C exceeds the illuminance of comparable wattage products by over 90%.


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The FS-300C’s cooling system is claimed to ensure stable light output and efficient cooling, with minimal noise. It features an adjustable fan system with four modes (Smart/Full Speed/Low Speed/Off), allowing users to balance noise levels and output according to the shooting environment and audio requirements. In Smart mode, the average noise level of FS-300C is stated to be only 24dB(A).

  • In Smart mode or Full Speed mode, the maximum output is 100%
  • In Low Speed mode, the maximum output is 50%
  • In Off mode, the maximum output is 15%

All-in-one Design

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Just like other fixtures in the FS series, the FS-300C features an all-in-one design that integrates the lamp body, control unit, and power adapter. As a result the light only weighs 3.23kg / 7.12 lb, which makes it easy to transport and set up.


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The FS-300C shares the same two knobs and a MODE button design of the other FS series lights for easy switching between CCT, HSI, effect modes and menu control.

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The knobs control all the common operations including changing intensity, setting effects and adjusting color. In addition, pressing the left knob offers a brightness reset function and the right knob can lock settings.

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Built-in Bluetooth and 2.4G modules enable control via the NANLINK APP 2.0 or a remote controller.

The NANLINK APP 2.0 also supports preset and grouping functions, ideal for complex shooting scenarios such as music videos, allowing quick setup changes and synchronized control of multiple fixtures.

Mount & Accessories

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The FS-300C is compatible with a wide range of NANLITE modifiers and other Bowens mount accessories and umbrellas. It features a standard Bowens mount and an umbrella hole.


U-165DT Umbrella Deep Translucent 165cm
U-180ST Umbrella Shallow Translucent 180cm
U-135DS Umbrella Deep Silver 135cm
FL-20G Fresnel Lens
PJ-BM-19/36 Bowens Mount Projection Attachment with 19°/36° Lens
LT-80/120 Lantern Softbox 80cm/120cm
SB-RT-90×60 Regular Softbox 90×60cm
SB-AS-110X45 Asymmetric Softbox 110×45cm
SB-ST-140×30 Strip Softbox 140×30cm
SB-PR-90/120/150-Q Parabolic Softbox 90cm/120cm/150cm (quick release)

Price & Availability

The NANLITE FS-300C 300W RGBW LED spotlight is $549 USD and is available to order immediately.

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