Mutiny takes the KX-IO and creates a power-only version

At Cine Gear 2024, Mutiny showed us a new prototype power IO for the Kamodo X and other cameras. The original KX-IO for KOMODO X and V-RAPTOR design had more features like a 5-pin 0B Time-Code / Genlock combo port, and BNC Genlock. This design solves power issues only, and it has a lot of outputs for all your devices.

KX IO for KOMODO X and V RAPTOR MUTINY 157657275

The current design is V-Lock and Gold Mount; however, Mutiny is designing it with taps to adapt it to other cameras such as the new Canon C400, Sony Burano, and RED cameras.

A digital fuse will be included that will trigger if you are going over capacity.

Power Features

  • 4x LEMO 2
  • 3x recessed D-Taps
  • 1x USB-C PD Power port
  • 1x DC Input

Pricing and Availability

Pricing hasn’t been finalized; however, Mutiny stated it will be around $400 to $500 USD. The all-metal construction adds to the price a bit and the overall durability.

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