bebob Hot Swap Adapters for B-Mount


bebob has introduced new Hot Swap Adapters for B-Mount. The B90cineML and B155cineML are two new B-Mount batteries with a buffer function.

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The B90cineML and the B155cineML have different capacities (86Wh and 156Wh, respectively), but share the same functionality. They can be connected in series with other B-Mount batteries and simultaneously function as dual-voltage high-performance batteries and hot-swap adapters. They automatically take over the power supply to the camera and the D-Tap connection as soon as the connected battery is empty. This guarantees a continuous, uninterrupted power supply during camera operation. Both MLs can be charged either by a plugged-in battery or a B-Mount charger.

The B90cineML and the B155cineML support two different voltages, 14.4V and 28.8V, which means they can be used for 12V and 24V devices. Their continuous power and current output are 450W and 20A, respectively. A five-stage LED display indicates their current charging status. Both batteries are equipped with a Twist D-Tap and a USB-C port. A

Specifications of the B90cineML & B155cineML

  • Capacity: 86Wh (B90cineML) or 156Wh (B155cineML)
  • Mount: B-Mount
  • Dual voltage: 14.4V/4s and 28.8V/8s
  • Max continuous load capacity: 450W / 20.0A 
  • Capacity display: 5-stage LED 
  • Automatic load switching and charging of the buffer
  • Weight: 662g (B90cineML) or 1.04kg (B155cineML)
  • Warranty: 2 years

Dimensions (W x H x D):

  • 94 x 144 x 47mm (B90cineML) 
  • 94 x 144 x 66mm (B155cineML)


  • USB-C (5.0V max 1.0A)
  • D-Tap (13.2V max 2.5A)

Prices & availability

The recommended retail price for the B90cineML is € 769 /$ 849 and for the B155cineML € 879 / $ 969. Both come with a two-year guarantee on 80% of their capacity and are available immediately from all authorized bebob dealers.

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