Revar Cine Donut Diopter First Look

Revar Cine has a new full set of Donut Diopters that give a soft out-of-focus effect on the outer portion of the image. Depending on the strength of the filter, the effect can be subtle or strong.

Sizes Avaiable

Available in three different hole sizes – 37mm, 49mm, and 60mm for wide-angle or telephoto lenses at various aperture settings, plus a 138mm filter allows for the use of wide-angle lenses for maximum compatibility.

The Revar Cine Donut Diopters are available in four different strengths:


Precision Cut Center Hole

Revar Cine Diopter 00 00 25 23 Still002 1

The hole is cut precisely, allowing the exact placement of the center hole in your frame when switching strengths.

Revar Cine Diopter 00 01 59 18 Still004

Premium Glass

Revar Cine Diopter 00 00 30 17 Still003

Made with high-quality Schott BK7 glass with an index similar to lens elements. Manufactured to the highest tolerances for the highest performance.

Each Donut Dipoter retails for $499.00 each, or a set of four for $1,795.00

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