Cinelex SKYCAST wireless DMX


Cinelex’s new SKYCAST wireless DMX is being touted as a revolutionary product for anyone who uses Art-Net based lighting apps such as Blackout, Luminair, Madrix and others, as it can seamlessly convert an Art-Net signal to CRMX wireless DMX.

It is available in two versions SKYCAST-A (USB-A) and SKYCAST-C (iPad/ iPhone). You simply connect the SKYCAST to a device, sync it a light fixture that has internal CRMX wireless DMX or Cinelex SKYNOIDE attached, open your preferred app or the SKYCAST’S built-in web browser and you get wireless DMX control.

Both versions have a operating range of up to 100m / 330′.

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I couldn’t:t find any information about pricing or availability.

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