ARRIFLEX 416 Plus HS – Auction


ARRI CPO is auctioning off an ARRIFLEX 416 Plus HS. The auction starts today and will end at the end of June 2024.

You can place a bid on the ARRIFLEX 416 Plus HS (Body only). ARRI states that this piece of filming history has been thoroughly checked by its service department and that it is in very good to mint condition.

Please note that this is for a ARRIFLEX 416 Plus HS (Body only), and that there is no ground glass, no mags, and no optical viewfinder.

The ARRIFLEX 416 line features a lightweight ergonomic design, integrated electronic accessories and compatibility with the same lenses and accessories used by its 35mm counterparts. The High Speed version (HS) allows variable frame rates from 1 to 150fps and its mirror shutter can be manually adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees.

The ARRI 416 HS Plus which was announced in April 2008, was the final model in the ARRIFLEX 416 line and with its Plus module it added integrated accessory electronics and radio for full remote control including remote focus, iris and zoom.

At the time, the 416 Plus HS was touted as being the most versatile and advanced Super 16 camera in the world.

This is a blind auction and the bidder, who offers the highest price, will get this camera. Please note that your offers are binding.

Starting Price 18,000.00 EUR (excl. VAT and applicable taxes)

Screenshot 2024 06 17 at 8 30 59

Above you can see what ARRI accessories work with the ARRIFLEX 416 Plus HS.

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