Color Finale Transcoder 2– Edit Nikon’s N-RAW, BRAW, CinemaDNG, & ARRI RAW directly in Final Cut Pro

Color Finale Transcoder 2 allows you to natively edit Edit Nikon’s N-RAW, BRAW, CinemaDNG, and ARRI RAW directly in Final Cut Pro.

You can forgo the transcoding and cut N-RAW and BRAW clips directly in the timeline, audio included (no compound clips). If you don’t use Final Cut Pro, don’t worry. Even though Color Finale Transcoder 2 appears as a workflow extension inside FCP, it is also usable as a standalone app, so you can transcode and then use the NLE of your choice. 

Nikon N-RAW Support

If you are using a Z9 or Z8 for video work then for the first time ever you can import Nikon N-RAW footage (up to 8K) directly into the Final Cut Pro timeline and start editing immediately.

RAW Controls

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You have full control Over RAW processing with controls that are found in typical RAW conversion software, such as white balance, ISO and other camera specific parameters.

Scopes to Quickly Evaluate RAW Footage

There are scopes to quickly evaluate RAW footage. You can use RGB Parade, Waveform, and Histogram scopes in real time to eliminate guesswork.


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Thanks to the two new FCP plugins included with Color Finale Transcoder 2 you can treat raw footage like a standard clip, complete with audio and no need for compound clips. You can also ingest camera metadata alongside your footage from Blackmagic RAW, ARRIRAW, and CinemaDNG media.

Image Sequences

You can also create videos from your RAW stills. The program allows you to adjust RAW conversion settings before transcoding, and select the frames per second you require. This is a good tool for astrophotography, stop-motion projects, and timelapses.

Fast Background Processing

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You can drag and drop RAW based media into the Final Cut Pro Browser and Color Finale Transcoder 2 will transcode on your GPU and import footage in the background.

Price & Availability

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Color Finale Transcoder 2 is available for $139 USD or if you are upgrading from Transcoder 1 it is $55 USD. Color Finale also offers a free 7-day trial.

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