DZOFilm Arles T1.4 Vista Vision lenses are now available for purchase

DZOFilm Arles are now ready to ship. I had a look at the new lenses and feel they are excellent with a clean look to them. The Arles lenses feature a maximum image circle of 46.5mm that covers the Vista Vision format, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of professional setups.

Pricing & Shipping


Single lens:
25mm/35mm/50mm/75mm/100mm – $2149 each (gift box);

5-lens Set:
(A set): $9699 (with hard case)


The price and specification of the rest of the focal lengths (B Set) will be disclosed later this year, with more details and a price.

Arles 2

Multi-Layer Nano-Coating

Arles features a multi-layer nano-coating process with a low-saturation blue coating to minimize surface reflections, decreasing the flaring and ensuring a clean image. Consistent color temperature around 5000K across all focal lengths reproduces natural colors.

A set: 25mm/ 35mm/ 50mm/ 75mm/ 100mm; B set: 14mm/ 21mm/ 40mm/ 135mm/ 180mm.

Optical Performance

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Arles lenses deliver exceptional imaging performance. They boast 16 aperture blades and produce beautifully rounded bokeh, while advanced blue coating technology contributes stable and captivating flare effects. The enhanced depth of field separation adds a new dimension to visual storytelling, elevating every frame with exquisite out-of-focus rendering and captivating focus rotation.

Ten lenses Set


The ARLES Series comprises a total of 10 lenses, ranging from 14mm to 180mm, offering coverage for medium format cameras such as the 43.8×32.9mm format with focal lengths ranging from 25mm to 50mm, as well as large format cameras like the ALEXA65 (54.12×25.59mm) with focal lengths from 75mm to 180mm. This comprehensive range caters to the demands of professional projects, providing versatile tools for diverse creative endeavors.

Optical Quality


Utilizing precision-engineered aspherical elements, including two aspherical elements (with a maximum front diameter reaching 50mm) in the 14mm, 21mm, and 25mm lenses, the Arles Series effectively minimizes aberrations, ensuring image clarity and fidelity. It also reduces onion-ring bokeh and minimizes wide-angle distortion and astigmatism.

Arles 1

Key features

  • T1.4 Large Aperture
  • With a maximum image circle of 46.5mm
  • 16 Blade Aperture
  • Complete Set of 10 focal lengths (14mm – 180mm)
  • Utilizes aspherical elements
  • Unified front diameter 95mm and interchangeable focus rings
  • Lightweight( between 1.4 – 1.9kgs)

Durability and Adaptability

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The Arles lenses undergo rigorous endurance testing and feature a modular focus ring design, ensuring durability for professional use. With a standardized front diameter of 95mm and a filter thread size of 86mm, they seamlessly integrate with industry-standard matte boxes and accessories. The user-friendly double-scale focus ring make it possible to switch between metric and imperial scales (professional tools needed). With consistent lengths across most focal lengths, except for the 135mm and 180mm, the lightweight design (1.4 to 1.9kg) facilitates integration with various equipment for versatile shooting styles, including handheld, vehicle-mounted, shoulder-mounted, and aerial shots.

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