Hollyland PYRO 7″ RX/TX Monitor

At Cine Gear 2024 in Los Angeles I caught up with Hollyland to get an update about their upcoming PYRO 7, which is a 7″ TX/RX monitor that will work with the PYRO H and PYRO S wireless video transmitters.

The PYRO 7″ RX/TX Monitor builds on the Mars M1 Enhanced and it will offer a larger 7″ screen and more capabilities and features.

IMG 6508

The PYRO 7″ RX/TX Monitor features SDI In/Out and HDMI In/Out. You can power it via Sony NP batteries or through a 10-18V DC input. 

We don’t have any indication of pricing yet, but if the 5.5″ M1 is any indication, it should be reasonably affordable. It is expected to start shipping towards the end of July.

Screenshot 2024 06 12 at 8 59 34

In case you are not familiar with the Hollyland PYRO series, I have reviewed both the PYRO H and PYRO S systems on the site.

The PYRO system is a multi-person mobile wireless image transmission and monitoring solution for small or medium commercial and filmmaking teams.

The PYRO series is available in two versions; the PYRO H has HDMI input/output, while PYRO S has both HDMI and SDI input/output.

Screenshot 2024 06 12 at 9 00 49

The system features automatic dual-band frequency hopping technology that enables signal transmission at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The intelligent auto frequency hopping also provides enhanced anti-interference capabilities while reducing lag and improving range. 

The PYRO series has 4K/30fps transmission capabilities and you can use 1 TX unit with up to 4 RX units. You can also simultaneously send material from a TX Toan RX as well as to four mobile devices running the Hollyland app. 

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