Wooden Camera Core Accessory System for the new Canon C400

At Cine Gear 2024 in Los Angeles, Wooden Camera was showing a prototype of their upcoming Core Accessory System for the new Canon C400.

IMG 6532

The cage system that was on display was 3D printed and the actual product won’t be yellow!

Screenshot 2024 06 10 at 4 12 13

The system features a modular design and it borrows a lot of the same concepts that can be found in other Wooden Camera designs.

There are two side top plates so you can utilize the stock Canon C400 top handle, but you can also remove that top handle and install a a larger top plate that covers the entire top of the camera.

IMG 6535

They also have an attachment plate that goes on to the stock Canon top handle that adds additional mounting points.

IMG 6534

The bottom plate allows for adjustment and you can install 15mm rods at either the front or the back.

Screenshot 2024 06 10 at 4 18 01

There will also be a Battery Slide that you can attach directly to the camera body, allowing for the use of the internal BP-U battery, and it is also hot-swappable.

Screenshot 2024 06 10 at 4 18 07

Wooden Camera will also have a RF to PL mount that includes focus shims for precise adjustment of back-focus and a ¼”-20 on the base for a lens support adapter.

Pricing & Availability

IMG 6533

I don’t currently have any pricing, but it is scheduled to start shipping before the Canon C400 does.

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