Portkeys BM7 II DS 7″ 2200 Nits Monitor First Look

At Cine Gear 2024, I got a first look at the new Portkeys BM7 II DS 7″ 2200 Nits Monitor. The bright monitor has many features to help you get proper exposure and tack sharp focus.

Screenshot 2024 06 09 at 10 14 52 AM

I’ve been using PortKeys monitors for some time now, and with each release, the monitors get even better. One stand-out improvement is the new MOVNORM OS, a new UI system for its monitors. It is a free firmware update that works with the PT6, LH7H, LH7P, and LH5PII (V3). It’s a major step forward that makes the monitor user-friendly. So many in the market are just painful to navigate.

Screenshot 2024 06 09 at 9 51 47 AM

Portkeys has yet another new CINENORM OS coming soon for the BM5 IV, BM7 II DS, and BM5 III WR

BM7 II DS Key features

  • 7-inch, 10-bit (8+2 frc) panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 1000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Daylight viewable with a maximum brightness of 2,200nits.
  • Factory color-calibrated: 100% coverage of Rec.709 and 85% coverage of DCI-P3.
  • 2 x 3G-SDI input, 1 x HDMI input, 1 x HDMI output, 1 x 3G-SDI output with cross-conversion.
  • Split screen monitoring, you can monitor two video inputs simultaneously.
  • Professional monitoring tools: Waveform, Vectorscope, Anamorphic, Peaking, ARRI False Color.
  • 3D LUT monitoring and 3D LUT SDI output capabilities.
  • RED Approved: wireless camera control for the RED Komodo and V-RAPTOR.
  • Wireless camera control for most Sony and Blackmagic Design cameras. and more coming.
  • Wired camera control for RED, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, BMD, and ZCAM E2.
  • TILTA Nucleus N/M wireless follow focus wired control.
  • Built-in dual Sony NP-F style battery plates.
  • Industry-standard 2-pin LEMO and 5.5mm barrel connector 7.4V-24V power inputs for external power (D-Tap cable included).
  • Rugged all-aluminum housing: only weights 460g/16.2oz.
  • Custom JPG picture custom freeze frame.
Screenshot 2024 06 09 at 10 14 31 AM

The BM7 II DS is a full HD monitor that can handle 4K input (via HDMI). It downconverts the signal so you dont have to worry about changing your camera’s output setting. It is very bright at 2200 NITS. In full sun, you shouldn’t have any issues seeing the image. I love how bright monitors are these days, especially since many cameras don’t have an EVF. Yes, I’m talking to you, Canon and Sony!

Camera Control and Split Screen Viewing

Screenshot 2024 06 09 at 10 13 44 AM

Camera control is a nice feature, and the BM7 II DS can control many popular cameras on the market. It can use WiFi, Bluetooth, and cables that are included with the monitor. If you use a TILTA Nucleus N/M wireless follow focus, the BM7 II DS has a dedicated motor port that supports wired control of the motors. The focus scale can even be displayed on the display.

Screenshot 2024 06 09 at 10 12 55 AM

It features two 3G-SDI inputs and one HDMI. This allows split-screen viewing from two sources, which is handy for multicam shoots.


The monitor has two NP battery slots and industry-standard 2-pin LEMO and 5.5mm barrel connector 7.4V-24V power inputs for external power. Yes, a D-Tap cable is included to power the monitor.


Screenshot 2024 06 09 at 10 19 25 AM

The body is made of aluminum, not plastic, for a more robust build and it’s light at only weights 460g/16.2oz. I like that it is slim and light, making it great for keeping your camera setup light. Like many Portkeys monitors, you have four programmable shortcut buttons on the top of the monitor to select from Waveform, Vectorscope, Anamorphic, Peaking, ARRI, and False Color.

Pricing and Availability

The Portkeys BM7 II DS 7″ monitor retails for $899 and is available now.

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