The Lens Cuff– A new way to mount lens motors to a cinema lens

The Lens Cuff is a unique system that doesn’t use a traditional baseplate with rods to mount lens motors. Instead, it clips on the lens.

The advantage to this is you dont have to have a heavy baseplate with rods and lens support unless you need the support for a heavy lens. In that case you can use the tap on the bottom of The Lens Cuff to use lens support. The Lens Cuff uses a clamp that fits on most cinema lenses and includes three inserts/donuts to adapt to smaller sizes.

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It’s quite clever and effective as the lens does not bounce at all, even with extreme pushes and pulls.

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What’s Included in the Basic Kit

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  • 1x The Lens Cuff with 3x inserts/donuts to adapt to smaller sizes (see technical data)
  • 1x Stubby 15mm rail with 1x Sprig for optimal cable management.
  • 1x Alcantara pouch to protect your Lens Cuff and your equipment.
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The Lens Cuff sizes and compatible diameters with included inserts/donuts:

  • 65mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 62.5mm, ⌀ 60mm & ⌀ 57.5mm
  • 75mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 72.5mm, ⌀ 70mm & ⌀ 67.5mm
  • 85mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 82.5mm, ⌀ 80mm & ⌀ 77.5mm
  • 95mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 92.5mm, ⌀ 90mm & ⌀ 87.5mm
  • 114mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 110mm, ⌀ 105mm & ⌀ 100mm


  • Machined from a single block of Aluminium Superalloy
  • Stealth Carbon Black Hard Anodised
  • Custom spring loaded wingnut fasteners with standard M4 threads
  • Low-profile lens support foot with 1/4 20 thread and Arri Standard orienting pins
  • Symmetrical 2x 15mm rail clamps

The kit retails for $499 US and is also available in multi-lens cuff kits with a hard case.

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The Lens Cuff has introduced a new, lighter version for lighter, smaller cinema lenses this year. The Lens Cuff Light is made of a carbon composite and has a single rod mount. While being light it’s functionality is the same just compatible for smaller diameter lenses. The Lens Cuff Light retails for $119

To learn more and to purchase visit The Lens Cuff.

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