SmallRig 220 Light First Look

SmallRig has a new compact 200-watt COB fixture they showed at Cine Gear 2024. The new light features a very compact size for a 200-watt light and has a nice feature with the AC adapter. On the back of the 220 Light is a V Mount. The AC adapter form factor looks like a micro V Mount battery and mounts securely to the mount on the light. No AC brick on the ground.

With a V-Mount battery attached, it still keeps a fairly compact size.

The 220 Light is Bi-color, with a Kelvin range of 2700K to 6500 K. The fixture can be tuned to 1% brightness. The stated CRI is 96, with a TCRI of 97. It features the popular Bowens mount, compatible with a wide range of softboxes.

Pricing and Availability

The SmallRig 220 Light retails for $329 and is available in early fall.

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