NANLUX 15-30° Projection Attachment for the EVOKE 1200 & 2400 First Look

At Cine Gear 2024 in Los Angeles, NANLUX was showing its new 15-30° Projection Attachment for the EVOKE 1200 & 2400.

The 15-30° Projection Attachment as its name implies, has a zoom range of 15-30° and you can also focus the beam and cut it using the shutters.

At the NANLUX booth they were projecting a square into the ceiling.

IMG 6420 2

NANLUX has positioned the yoke frame on the Projection Attachment so that you get better weight distribution when using the larger EVOKE fixtures.

NANLUX has also announced a new relocation plate for the EVOKE fixtures that moves the yoke frame further forwards so users can obtain better balance. This plate is being offered as a free upgrade by NANLUX and anyone who has previously purchased one will be a blue to get it through their local reseller.

They were also showing a new DoPchoice Octa softbox that was made specifically for the EVOKE, as well as four light mounting array, and Tilta’s motorized yoke,

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