SmallRig Shoulder Rig – Cine Gear 2024

SmallRig showed their new universal shoulder rig, which features the new Hawklock system. The new shoulder rig has quick-release rosset hand grips that adjust with a simple push of a button and lock in position when released.

SmallRig Should Rig00018

The hand grips’ quick-release extension uses the new Hawklock system, which is fast for adjusting the length of the grips.

SmallRig Should Rig00015

A quick-release Rosset is on the grip extension for easy adjustments.

SmallRig Should Rig00017

The shoulder and back pad are removable and held in place with a hook-and-loop system. The base plate is highly adjustable and has a long travel back and forth to get the camera in the right position.

SmallRig Should Rig00013

The base features an Arca Swiss-style locking system that works well with the SmallRig camera cages, which have the Arca Swiss plates integrated into the cage.

SmallRig Should Rig00011

The EVF/monitor arm is fully adjustable, so you can get it in the right position while shooting.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and availability have not been set.

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