Second Reef Coral 1.5x Anamorphic Lenses First Look

At Cine Gear 20245 in Los Angeles, we got a first look at the new Second Reef Coral 1.5x Anamorphic Lenses.

The Coral anamorphic cine primes have been designed completely from scratch and are not based on any previous lens designs. 

The Coral Anamorphic set will initially consist of 5 focal lengths:

  • 35mm T2.8
  • 50mm T2.8
  • 75mm T2.8
  • 90mm T2.8
  • 135mm T2.8
Screenshot 2024 05 05 at 9 21 55

These are full frame 1.5x anamorphic prime lenses that are claimed to have very good close focus ability.

IMG 6411

They have also been designed with metadata in mind so they can be used in virtual production environments.

IMG 6414

The lenses are said to have pleasant bokeh and a a clean look that still has plenty of character. They feature an oval iris, so even though they have a 1.5x squeeze, the bokeh characteristics resemble that of a 2x squeeze lens.

The lenses weigh around 4.5 lbs / 2.25 kg each.

Price & Availability

The Second Reef Coral 1.5x Anamorphic Lenses will retail for 33,000 Euros each and they are being targeted squarely at rental houses. The first three focal lengths in the series are not scheduled to start shipping until October this year.

Who is Second Reef?

Screenshot 2024 05 05 at 9 21 31

Second Reef has been around since 2019 and they have primarily been known as a lens rental house and a European distributor for Tribe7 and IBE/Optics. They have kept their focus on optics and optical tools that make a difference for cinematographers.

Second Reef has always been very selective in what they do and how they do things, so when Tribe7 started with the Blackwing7 project, they were on board from the first minute as their exclusive distributors in Europe and heavily involved in bringing Tribe7 products to the rest of the world.

Recently, Klaus Eckerl from IB/E Optics asked Second Reef to coordinate and represent IB/E Sales in most parts of the world. 

In the background, Second Reef have also been working on their very own projects, which has now lead to the announcement of the Coral Anamorphic lenses. 

Second Reef have always wanted to do things a little bit differently and bring risk-takers, innovators, and forward-thinkers together to create something special. 

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