MID49 Blackmagic PYXIS 6K Accessories & Rainbow Handle

At Cine Gear 2024 in Los Angeles, MID49 was showing off its new Blackmagic PYXIS 6K Accessories and Rainbow Handle Kits, as well as their solutions for the Sony BURANO.

Rainbow Handle

IMG 6432

The Rainbow Handle has an ARCA Swiss dovetail shape that interfaces with any MID49 Top Plate or Upper Cage, and many 3rd party ARCA clamps.

IMG 6433

If additional support is needed for heavy camera builds, or if you want to skip the ARCA clamp, (2) 3/8-16 screws are included for attaching the Rainbow Handle directly to cheeseplates with 3/8-16 screws spaced up to 76mm apart, center to center.

1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes with ARRI locating pins and M4x20mm holes in many places.

IMG 6444

Rainbow Handle grips are interchangeable and great for color coding a multi-cam shoot.

IMG 6438

You can buy Rainbow Handle Kits and individual pieces so you can tailor them to your individual requirements.

The Rainbow Handle retails for $150 USD, and the Rainbow Handle Kit is $595 USD.

Blackmagic PYXIS 6K Accessories

IMG 6429

The new accessories for the Blackmagic PYXIS 6K included a Baseline 15mm LW ($495 USD), a new top plate, side plates, and an upcoming power distribution unit.

The power distribution unit is on a hinged attachment so you can still get access to the stock battery. It includes 2x 3-pin Fisher (24V) outputs, 2x 2-pin LEMO (12V), and 2x D-taps.

Sony BURANO Accessories

IMG 6436

The Sony BURANO accessories that we first saw as prototypes at NAB 2024 are now also sipping. This includes the EVF/LCD Extension Cable and the EVF Pivot Adaptor.

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