Module 8 Variable L2 Pro Tuner

Screenshot 2024 06 07 at 5 06 26

PL to PL with moving elements? Yes, it’s possible. At Cine Gear Expo, Module 8 will be showing its new Variable L2 Pro Tuner.

Screenshot 2024 06 07 at 5 06 26

This Tuner incorporates a 1.4x extender/expander to additionally allow the use of super-35 lenses on full-frame sensor cameras, while still allowing full variable control of the subtle “L2” look strength.

At the minimum end, the new L2 Pro 1.4x has been especially calculated to achieve a true neutral position, and can thus be used as an exacting expander in its own right.

The L2 look strength is claimed to offer the perfect amount of vintage for professional DP’s looking to take the edge of harsh digital footage. It creates subtle halation and a constant field roll off and side flare found in the original lenses. With original K-35 lenses pushing 300K+, the L2 is the cost-effective way to create this look.

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