Core SWX NANO-C98 14.8V Battery with D-Tap (Canon BP-A) on sale for $189 USD


The Core SWX NANO-C98 14.8V Battery with D-Tap (Canon BP-A) is on sale for $189 USD, which is a saving of $85 USD.

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Key features

  • 14.8 VDC, 98Wh, 6600mAh Battery Pack
  • For EOS C200, C300 Mark II, C500 Mark II
  • 1 x D-Tap and 1 x USB Port
  • D-Tap Supports SMBUS Communication
  • 4-LED Power Gauge

The Core SWX NANO-C98 14.8V Battery is designed for use with Canon cameras that utilize BP-A style batteries, such as the EOS C200, C300 Mark II, and C500 Mark II. Though small, the battery packs 14.8 VDC and 98Wh capacity (6600mAh). It features a built-in unregulated D-Tap port that supports a 5A draw, while the battery supports a total of 8A draw.

You can charge the battery via compatible OEM Canon chargers or by the D-Tap, and the D-Tap also passes SMBUS battery information. In addition to the D-Tap, the NANO-C98 also has a built-in USB port that outputs 5 VDC supporting a 3A draw. Incorporated into the battery is a push-button, 4-LED power gauge. The battery is thermally protected from overdraw.

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