Blackmagic Camera 1.4 Update

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Blackmagic Design has released the Blackmagic Camera 1.4 Update which adds support for organizations when recording projects to Blackmagic Cloud, recording off speed video clips, plus frame guide support on the HDMI output, and customizable grid overlay opacity.

What’s New

  • Support for Blackmagic Cloud organizations.
  • Support for recording off-speed video clips.
  • Support for enabling frame guide, safe area and other options on HDMI output.
  • Support for 2.76:1 frame guide overlay.
  • Swipe right to dim screen when recording.
  • Ability to customize grid overlay opacity.
  • Addressed issue where audio input source could automatically be reset to None in some cases.
  • Addressed incorrect image preview when anamorphic de-squeeze option is enabled.

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