VoxBox Air finally shipping in June

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The VoxBox Air is a smaller and lightweight version of the VoxBox Pro Mark II that I previously reviewed on the site. It was announced back in September last year and it is finally going to start shipping next month.


If you are not familiar with the VoxBox series they are a mirror box that you place in front of your camera lens that allows you to shoot down-the-lens interviews while maintaining eye contact between the interviewer and the subject.

The VoxBox series was invented by cameraman Steve Lord, after he thought he could come up with a better solution than what was already on the market.

Devices like the EyeDirect mirror box have been around for years, and while they work well, they are cumbersome to set up and construct.

Unlike its larger brother the VoxBox Pro Mark II, the VoxBox Air features a lightweight, folding design. As it is a more compact device it is better suited to people using smaller sized cameras and those who need a more portable solution.

Its folding mechanism enables it to fold flat to 55mm (1.9 inch) thick and it features a built-in filter tray to allow the use of 4×4 filters. 

How does it work?

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The interviewer and subject see each other through the two-way mirror, but the subject is actually looking down the lens, resulting in direct eye contact with the audience. This is a nice way of conducting interviews where the interviewee needs to look straight down the barrel of the lens.

By having someone else to look at, it helps relax the subject and allows them to give better interviews. There are no additional cameras, TV screens, or technology required.

There are no cumbersome tripod plates or adaptors to fit – the unit simply attaches in place of your matte box to existing 15mm rails.

Key features

  • New folding design for easy transportation
  • Tool-free assembly in seconds
  • Fits in seconds to existing 15mm rails, or to a light stand
  • Built-in 4X4 filter tray
  • Converts to a Teleprompter using the included tablet holder
  • Complete with superior-quality bag and foam
  • Designed and built in Britain

The aperture at the rear of main box is 140mm (5.5 inch). The widest focal length you can use on a Super 35 sensor) is a 24mm, and widest focal length you can use on a full-frame sensor is a 30mm.

When using the VoxBox Air, the light loss through the beamsplitter glass is <1 stop.

Included with the VoxBox Air is a tablet holder that attaches to the unit, converting it to a teleprompter. This is a nice feature because it certainly increases the versatility of the product.

The tablet holder can take tablets up to a maximum of 188mm (7.4 inch) (measured between the two clamps).

What do you get?

  • Main box
  • Beamsplitter glass
  • Tilting side mirror
  • L-bracket with 15mm railblock
  • Tablet holder
  • Filter tray (4X4)
  • Doughnuts (63, 80 & 112mm)
  • 16mm receiver
  • Printed instruction manual
  • Fabric case with foam

NOTE: The kit is not supplied with mounting rails; you should have these already if you have a matte box.

Price & Availability

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The VoxBox Air is currently listed as being sold out, but more units should be available soon. It retails for $1,678.00 USD and it will start shipping in late June.

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