MasterBuilt ULTRA65 Lens Series


I recently put up a post about the new MasterBuilt ULTRA65 Lens Series that were designed for true large format cinematography (65mm/70mm sensors). I had limited information about the lenses at the time, so I reached out to MasterBuilt to find out more.

The MasterBuilt ULTRA65 Lens Series were designed to produce imagery of the past, and they are claimed to feature soft contrast and smooth transitions between in-focus and out-of-focus elements. They were developed with extremely fast apertures (Ranging from T1.4 to T1.8) and significant close focus ability. The warm rounded flares and pleasing flesh tones are among the features of this series.


The lenses are suited to the immense canvas and sensors of the 65mm world. With more and more manufacturers starting to embrace (a stitched or overlaid sensor to calculate the large format), 65mm digital formats are bound to become more popular in the coming years. With that in mind, cinematographers will be looking for more optical solutions for these new sensors and larger formats.

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The MasterBuilt ULTRA65 series are available in focal lengths ranging from 21mm up to 160mm. There are 12 focal lengths available and they all cover an image circle of 56 x 26mm.

The MasterBuilt ULTRA65 series were used on Joker: Folie à Deux, as well as other MasterBuilt lenses (in addition to other lenses mixed in by other manufacturers) from Otto Nemenz International.

They were also used on Umbrella Academy S3 (as well as other MasterBuilt lenses), and there are quite a few projects shooting with them currently and  productions that have shot with them but are not yet released.

Not too long ago full frame became commonplace in cinematography, and cinematographers began to explore spherical lenses with fast aperture‘s to work on full frame. MasterBuilt has always embraced full frame and large format. In fact, it was the very reason the company was incepted, as cinematographers were seeking more quality lenses in the full-frame world.

There is a huge difference between lenses that simply and may coincidentally cover 65mm / 70mm sensors, but there is a very defined and separate differentiation of lenses that are actually designed and intended for these formats. MasterBuilt designs and manufactures lenses that are aligned and calculated exactly for 65mm Sensors. This affects the coverage / t-Stop /close focus / character / flare / etc., so this is why MasterBuilt take this all into consideration so they produce lenses that are intended to make images suited to the exact format. MasterBuilt has addressed other elements, in certain consideration is breathing, and the ULTRA65 series lenses are said to have virtually no-to little breathing.

While 65mm / 70mm may not currently be common place in cinematography, there will be more cameras coming. MasterBuilt are currently working on designs for new lenses to cover the 65mm and 70mm film/digital formats.

Rental Only

The MasterBuilt ULTRA65 lenses are strictly rental inventory direct from MasterBuilt or MasterBuilt partners throughout the world.

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