Kinefinity announces new US distributor


Kinefinity has announces a new partnership with 1SourceVideo, a US-based distributor. 1SourceVideo will provide all the customers with local and rapid service for Kinefinity products. 

The transition to 1SourceVideo takes effect this month. They will be your primary contact for all your Kinefinity product inquiries in the United States. As a result of our distributor’s transition, the domain www.kinefinity.us will be discontinued. For the latest Kinefinity products, please consult or visit the websites of 1SourceVideo and its authorized resellers. 

Sales Update: For future purchases, Kinefinity recommend visiting B&H or 1SourceVideo authorized resellers. For any sales-related inquiries, please contact 1SourceVideo via email for prompt assistance.

After-Sales Service: Regarding previous orders placed through kinefinity.us, any uncertainties or post-purchase inquiries can be directly addressed to Kinefinity’s official support team. Kinefinity states that they are committed to protect the rights and interests of its customers.

Important Notice: Please note that the emails [email protected] and [email protected] are no longer in operation. For any inquiries, kindly contact 1SourceVideo via email, or alternatively, reach out to Kinefinity directly.

About 1SourceVideo

1SourceVideo.com, LLC corporate headquarters and east coast shipping facility are located in Hazlet, New Jersey. Hazlet Township is in close proximity to the Regional U.P.S Processing Center and roughly 37 miles south of New York City and 56 miles northeast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The second branch of 1SourceVideo is situated in Chandler, Arizona. Chandler is a flourishing region of Arizona and home to some of the foremost tech industry titans such as GoDaddy, Intel, and eBay. They offer overnight shipping to the Los Angeles area and discreet shipping to end users.

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