Studiomate– a platform designed to help filmmakers connect with clients, collaborate with peers, & efficiently manage projects


Studiomate was born out of the challenges film crews faced throughout Covid and more recently last year’s industry strike. Studiomate sets out to address the struggles faced by production crews to connect with clients looking for qualified crews.

Studiomate isn’t just another job board website; it’s a platform designed to help filmmakers connect with clients, collaborate with peers, and efficiently manage projects. 

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Studiomate is the brainchild of Nick Simmons, who over the last 13+ years has been working as an Executive Producer with agencies on branded content campaigns. As someone who is deeply rooted in the production space, Nick has seen firsthand the impact that a supportive community and efficient streamlined production processes can have on the success of a project. Studiomate was designed to encapsulates those principles and more.

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Here’s what Studiomate offers for the filmmaking community:

• Connecting Filmmakers: Studiomate provides a unique space for both union and non-union production professionals to connect. It’s a platform where talented production crews can showcase their work proudly, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

• Modern Profile Showcase: Filmmakers can create personalized, modern profiles within Studiomate, reflecting the quality of their work. This feature allows them to present their portfolios professionally, making it easier for clients to discover and engage with crew professionals.

• Efficient Project Management: The Studiomate Dashboard helps creatives streamline project management, delivering intuitive tools to help teams stay organized throughout production.

• Post-Strike Empowerment: Studiomate was born out of the challenges faced by production crews, and it aims to empower filmmakers by providing them with a platform to showcase their resilience and creativity in a rapidly changing industry.

Is there a fee to hire pros or post a job?

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No, Studiomate does not charge a fee to post a project to get leads from professionals. However, they do have a fair rate policy to encourage clients needing to hire crews to do so under industry standard rates. They do this to protect professionals, their rates and maintain a quality standard on the platform.

Is there a commission fee to get hired?

No, Studiomate does not take any commission for providing leads. They simply help connect you with clients through search and leads and let you take control from there whether you choose to communicate with clients on or off the platform.


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Studiomate offers various pricing tiers to best fit your needs, ranging from Free to a paid subscription. Free accounts provide access to a custom profile that appears in search results, while the paid subscription plans (Pro and Team) offer top search placements, the ability to respond to leads, and access to Dashboard tools.

Studiomate should be available soon.

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