Lightbridge C-Move Core

C Move Core 0

Lightbridge has come up with a new Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS) kit called C-Move Core. This kit was developed after getting consultation from top DoPs and lighting designers.

The CRLS system gives users the ability to produce targeted, spill-free, diffused light capable of subtle nuances. The reflectors feature proprietary coated surfaces that reflect 97% of light hitting them, with 100% color rendering. Providing optimum control, the CRLS reflectors can emulate a key light, capable of aiming diffused light with accuracy.

The C-Move Core kit offers various light shaping configurations:

  • DIFF 1 Hard circular light ray
  • DIFF 2 Medium circular light ray
  • Diff 3 Soft circular light ray
C Move Core 3

C-Move Core is a collection of the most requested Precision Reflectors and accessories. Everything fits in the waterproof padded Movebag with shoulder strap. Inside are the most asked-for Precision Reflectors in neoprene sleeves:

  • 15x15cm (DIFF 1-3)
  • 25x25cm (DIFF 1-3)
  • 50x50cm (DIFF 1-3)
  • 2x C-Wheel Receivers and cables
  • 2x Rigging and Safety Wedges
  • Black C-Pouch, and extra cleaning aids.

The reflectors are bend-resistant, and surfaces are hard polished smooth, free of imperfections.

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