CRDBAG Propiler– a way of managing & keeping track of your equipment


Propiler is a solution designed for professional photographers and filmmakers that allows users and teams to create and manage packing lists, ensuring they have all necessary equipment before heading out for a shoot.

This is an interesting concept as keeping track of gear can be a nightmare, whether you are a solo operator or working in a big team.

We first saw a prototype of this system way back at Cinegear 2023.

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With Propiler you can stay organized by checking off items as you pack, ensuring that you have everything you need for each specific job. Utilizing NFC technology, simply tap and scan your bags to keep track of your gear efficiently and accurately.

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As part of the Propiler, CRDTAG is an essential component of the solution. This product features an NFC chip embedded in the tag, providing fast access to gear information. It gets instant details about the contents of a bag or easily identify what gear should be included. CRDTAGs are available in different forms: key fobs, stickers, cable tags, and hook & loop tags, making it versatile and compatible with any case or bag.

The Propiler solution is not just a digital extension of CRDBAG’s physical products; it’s a universal tool designed to work with any storage solution. By integrating NFC technology, it simplifies gear management across all types of bags and cases, not just those from CRDBAG. Propiler goes beyond packing assistance as it allows users to share inventory and gear lists with e.g. colleagues and customers when renting out camera equipment. Whether you’re a camera assistant or renting out gear, Propiler makes it easy for everyone to know exactly how to pack and which gear is included in each case, bag, and pouch.

Price & Availability

Propiler will be available in the later part of Q3 2024. Propeller is free and the CRDTAG will be $20 USD (5-pack).

Sign up for Beta testing now: https://crdbag.com/pages/app

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