CRDBAG Fused Mini, Grid Lid, & Mag Lock Molle

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Swedish company CRDBAG has announced a range of new products at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas. These include, Fused Mini, Grid Lid, and Mag Lock Molle.

Grid Lid

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The Grid Lid is a new product constructed from laser-cut loop MOLLE, that was designed to enhance the organization and accessibility of gear in a flexible way for professionals within the lid of hard cases.

The first Grid Lid panel to be released, compatible with the carry-on sizes of the most popular models from hard case brands such as Pelican, Nanuk, SKB, HPRC, and Max cases, allows for the secure attachment and organization of pouches and tools directly inside the case lid.

CRDBAG Grid Lid is made for the following case brands and models:

  • Pelican 1510
  • Pelican 1535 Air
  • Nanuk 935
  • SKB 2011
  • HPRC 2550W
  • Max cases 520
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In addition to the Grid Lid panel, two specialized LED lights, Saber and Torch, have been announced to complement the Grid Lid system.

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The Saber light attaches to the top of the lid and is powered by a USB battery pack, providing overhead illumination.

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The Torch light, designed for versatility, can be mounted on either side of the lid and features an internal battery for efficient lighting.

Pricing & Availability

The Grid Lid and its accessories, Saber and Torch, will be available in the latter part of Q2 2024. Here are the prices:

  • Grid Lid: $59 USD
  • Saber: $59 USD
  • Torch: $59 USD

Fused Mini

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Fused Mini is the first product in CRDBAG’s new line of pouches named FUSED. Like the CRDPOUCH line, it maintains the same high quality and corresponding labeling options. It also adds a hook strip on the back for convenient attachment to loop surfaces or for stacking multiple pouches together.

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It was designed with smaller items in mind, snd it is crafted using HF welding technology, for enhanced durability as well as providing a splash- and dust-proof design.

Price & Availability

The Fused Mini will be available in the latter part of Q2 2024 for $19.90 USD.

Mag Lock Molle

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Mag Lock Molle was designed to revolutionize how bags and items equipped with a PALS/MOLLE system are connected. This innovative accessory utilizes a patented magnetic system for an exceptionally quick and secure attachment and release process.

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Users can effortlessly relocate their gear between different PALS/MOLLE systems with just a simple click of a button. This flexibility is ideal for photographers and filmmakers, as well as for other professional fields such as military and first responders, who need to quickly move from a permanent setup to being on the go, ensuring their gear is secure yet easily transferable at a moment’s notice.

Price & Availability

The Mag Lock Molle will be available in the latter part of Q2 2024 for $29 USD (2-pack).

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