MOVCAM HELM 360° Stabilized Remote Head

At NAB 2024 in Las Vegas, MOVCAM was showing its HELM 360° Stabilized Remote Head, which will soon be available to purchase outside of China.

HELM has a payload capacity of 23kg /50 lb so it can accommodate large digital cinema camera packages.

HELM weighs just 6.6 kg when it is configured for 3-axis use and if you only need to use 2-axis the weight can be reduced to 5.2 kg.

The working temperature range for the hard is -20° C up to 50° C.

We first saw a prototype of HELM way back in 2018 at BIRTV in Beijing. Since that time the product has undergone numerous changes and improvements.

HELM offers an array of control methods, allowing users to choose the best way to operate it. The product bundle includes different controllers, like wireless 3-axis wheels, joysticks, and pan bars, enabling control over each individual axis and all of HELM’s settings. A mini joystick controller is also provided. HELM also fully supports the SBUS protocol and it is compatible with FUTABA.

HELM is easily adaptable to various shooting configurations. It utilizes a universal Mitchell mount and it can be attached to cranes, Russian arms, dollies, Steadicams, or even used hand held.

HELM will also be getting upcoming upgrades so that precise data on the cameras position, the lens information and orientation in the inertial frame can be output for use in virtual production shooting scenarios.

Price & Availability

MOVCAM’s HELM will be available in the next few months for $19,000 USD. The control wheels will cost $5,000 USD.

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