Bright Tangerine Sony Burano Touch loupe

Bright Tangerine has a new Sony Burano loupe that upgrades the stock version plus adds a new feature. The loupe improves the viewing with the Touch Loupe adapter. It provides a classic, straight viewing loupe for easy composition and precise focus checks in any lighting. A hidden port under the loupe gives access to the touch screen and shortcuts for an easy way to use the Touch AF activation.

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Quickly transform the 90-degree Sony BURANO Loupe into a straight viewfinder for a more familiar experience. No need to rotate the loupe or yourself to view the screen, allowing you to maintain focus on the composition.

Smaller Form Factor

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The adapter reduces the loupe’s overall size compared to the standard 90-degree model, minimizing collisions with accessories like matte boxes. This adjustment improves user experience and positions the screen optimally for handheld use, enhancing comfort and flexibility during shooting sessions.

The 90-degree loupe positions the shortcut buttons more forward, increasing the likelihood of your hand appearing in the shot while using them.

Concealed Touch Access Port

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Made from soft silicone rubber, the access port enables screen access even with the loupe closed. The flexible rubber hangs down to reduce obstruction, ensuring a complete light seal when the loupe is not in use.

Hands-Free Hold & Faster Slide Lock

Adjust the loupe’s tension precisely by turning the pre-tension knob to your liking, either tightening or loosening to modify the friction on the loupe’s tilt.
They have replaced the spring-loaded lock with a sliding mechanism, eliminating the need to press the lock each time you lift the loupe. To secure the loupe, just slide the lock.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Bright Tangerine is committed to the environment and is using 25% recycled plastic, the Straight Viewfinder Adapter exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and waste reduction while delivering sturdy construction.


For installing the Straight Viewfinder Adapter, begin by detaching the 90-degree adapter from the Sony BURANO loupe. Use a T8 driver to unscrew the four screws securing the adapter. Insert the straight adapter, ensuring alignment of the four notches, and secure it in place using the same screws.


  • Transforms the Sony BURANO 90-degree loupe into a classic straight style.
  • Concealed access port for Touch AF and shortcut buttons.
  • Low-profile slide locking mechanism for quicker loupe flip-up.
  • Reduced form factor with eco-friendly construction.
  • Provides greater flexibility in monitor placement.

The Bright Tangerine Burano Loup retails for $199 and is available for purchase today.

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