Blazar lens Cato 2x Anamorphic Series First Look

Blazar Lens announced its new Cato 2x Anamorphic series at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas. The Cato Series features a consistent, 2x anamorphic squeeze ratio and covers large formats. The 4 lens set includes a 40mm T2.4, 50mm T2, 85mm T2.8, and 125mm T3.2.

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Like Blazar’s Remus Series, the Cato is claimed to feature a traditional anamorphic look in its images by balancing retro characteristics with a clean, modern look. The lenses employ barrel distortion in their anamorphic design, and feature a neutral, silver flare that takes on the color of any direct light source.

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Each focal length has been optimized at different apertures, with the 50mm being the fastest at a T2.

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The image circle coverage is a bit all over the place for the various focal lengths, just like the T stops. I had a quick play with a couple of the lenses at the show, and they look pretty decent. The 50mm did have quite a lot of barrel distortion and both the 50mm and 40mm will vignette on full frame open gate sensor modes, although, if you crop to 2.39:1 or 2.40:1 then that disappears.

IMG 5719

You need to make compromises if you are going to come up with affordable 2x anamorphic lenses. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.I don’t think anyone can really complain though, as these lenses will be considerably more affordable than anything else on the market.

The Cato series features the same silver and black design as the Remus series, and features focus markings in both feet and meters. Al focal lengths are available in PL or EF mount.

All the focal lengths weigh between 853g and 940g and measure 110mm to 134mm in length.

Pricing & Availability

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The price for the Cato 2x Anamorphic series will be affordable according to Blazar. The pricing won’t be announced until closer to the release date. Most of the Cato Series will be available to pre-order in July and they will begin shipping in August. The 40mm is expected to ship in October.

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