Kinefinity KineOS 8.0 Firmware Updates

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Kinefinity has introduced its latest firmware KineOS 8.0 for the MAVO Edge and MAVO mark2 cameras. This firmware update adds uncompressed RAW, wide gamut based on Rec.2020, and an enhanced user interface.

Kinefinity has a good track record of adding new features and improvements to its cameras, and KineOS 8.0 looks to be a good update for owners of the MAVO Edge and MAVO mark2 cameras.

Uncompressed RAW

KineOS 8.0 introduces uncompressed RAW. Kinefinity previously utilized Cinema DNG back in the day, and now they are stating that they are using industry-leading uncompressed RAW technology to preserve pristine image quality and an extensive range for post-production. It is unclear what this RAW format they are using is. Originally the MAVO Edge cameras were slated to include ProRes RAW, but that never happened to to obvious reasons.

The uncompressed RAW codec is available across both Full-frame 8K/6K camera, supporting not only cropped modes but also maintaining an unchanged aspect ratio. 4K RAW output can be obtained in FF 4K, S35 4K, and M43 4K. FF 4K/S35 4K RAW is not based on line-skipping, instead, it comprises a complete and independent 4Kx2K pixel array.

4K 120fps

KineOS 8.0 will also support 4K 120fps RAW recording. With a data rate of approximately 300MB/s at 4K DCI 25fps, a single 1T SSD can store nearly 60 minutes of footage.

Streamlined Post-production Workflow

This firmware embeds essential shooting metadata such as DNG shutter, ISO, color matrix, and color curve into a scientific and standardized color space, ensuring smooth compatibility with post-production workflows like ACES.

This has been long overdue!

Wide Gamut as Rec.2020

The 8.0 firmware significantly improving color processing when using ProRes encoding, and standardizing the wide gamut to be based on Rec.2020. This not only enhances color matching between different Kinefinity cameras but also elevates color accuracy.

  • Wide Gamut: Rec.2020
  • Gamma: KineLOG3 or HLG. It retains the original KineLOG curve and provides a standard HLG curve.

By internally implementing standardized color spaces for ProRes footage, the firmware facilitates seamless adoption of universally recognized ACES or other standard color space-based grading workflows.

Enhanced User Interface

KineOS 8.0 introduces a revamped and more intuitive user interface:

  • User Buttons: Enabling users to tailor the button to their specific preferences.
  • User Interface: Enhanced notice, interactivity and consistently styled dialogue.

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