DPA Microphones AIR1 Universal Miniature Fur Windscreen

At NAB 2024, DPA Microphones has unveiled its new AIR1 Universal Miniature Fur Windscreen.

DPA AIR1 6066

Intended for quick mounting on round, omnidirectional headset or lavalier microphones between 0.1-0.23 inches (2.5-5.8mm), the AIR1 is claimed to work well in the challenging environments of broadcast and professional content creation applications. Its patent-pending design is said to guarantee highly efficient and consistent wind protection with unrivaled acoustic transparency that solves all wind-related challenges when filming outdoors. 

The effective and uniform wind protection of the AIR1 is achieved through the fixed size of the air cavity surrounding the microphone capsule. This provides complete and consistent acoustical transparency that enables it to capture the voice with perfect intelligibility. The handles at the windscreen opening ensure swift and effortless mounting and perfect placement on the microphone, every single time.  

The DPA AIR1 rejects wind noise through two consistent layers of wind protection, the first of which is a newly designed acoustic fur. By finetuning the hair length, material and density, as well as the inner lining, the fur contributes to the excellent wind rejection while maintaining acoustic transparency. 


The second layer of protection afforded by the AIR1 is the air cavity that surrounds the microphone to keep the fur spaced away from the capsule and maintain constant air volume. This is achieved using two sturdy arches as well as a mic stop, which ensures that the microphone’s position in the coveted ‘acoustic sweet spot’ is most protected. By adding a revolutionary, patent-pending boundary surface directly behind the capsule, a pressure field is generated around the microphone diaphragm, which has a specific frequency range that is acoustically amplified. Finetuning the dimensions of the boundary surface enabled DPA to adjust the frequency boost to match the exact frequencies that the fur attenuates. 

The AIR1 consists of a highly durable, ultra-robust UV-stabilized hard plastic that is found in automobile headlights and can withstand harsh weather and repeated use. To maintain a consistently strong grip on the microphone, DPA implemented a stainless-steel spring that, unlike elastic bands used on traditional wind protection accessories, will not snap mid-use or deteriorate over time. 

The acoustic fur used on the cover consists of specially formulated fibers that guarantee long-lasting color, shape memory and easy maintenance. Further, the handles on the device minimize handling of the fur, which ensures that the AIR1 will maintain its shape significantly longer than traditional windscreens. With fur length that is 30-percent shorter than other wind protection accessories, the AIR1 also reduces the visual impact of utilizing a windscreen.

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In addition to being compatible with DPA’s lavaliers and headsets, the AIR1 can be used on a wide range of other professional miniature microphones. Two sizing options are also available to fit most major brands’ professional miniature microphones, offering a universal solution. To further aid in the versatility of the windscreen, the DPA AIR1 is offered in six color options (black, brown, beige, white, off-white and gray) to complement most apparel.

The DPA AIR1 will ship with two windscreens of the same size and color in the box. I don’t currently have any indication about pricing or availability.

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