Blazar adds 33mm & 35mm focal lengths to its Remus 1.5x Anamorphic Lens Series


Blazar has added 33mm T1.6 & 35mm T1.6 focal lengths to its Remus 1.5x Anamorphic Lens Series.

The Remus series will now consist of 5 focal lengths, ranging from 33mm to 100mm. The majority of the focal lengths have an aperture of T2, and the new focal lengths have an even faster aperture of T1.6.


The additional focal lengths share the same Remus series’ classic anamorphic look by balancing retro characteristics (like barrel distortion) with a clean, modern look. The 35mm and 33mm will be available in a neutral flare color. This is a little odd as the 45mm, 65mm, and 100mm were available in blue or amber.

Why a 33mm and a 35mm?


The 35mm only covers S35 sensors. The 35mm on a S35 camera will roughly yield the same field of view as the 45mm on a FF camera. The 35mm T1.6 will cover 3:2 S35 image circles of 25 x 17mm.

The size of the 35mm is consistent with the original 3 focal lengths.

Conversely, the 33mm was designed as an ultra wide option for FF cameras. The 33mm supports FF 16×9 formats with an image circle of 32 x 24mm due to its fisheye design, the 33mm T1.6 will have a larger front diameter of 95mm and will not have filter threads.

Size & Weight


The Remus 1.5x lenses were designed to be lightweight and compact. All focal lengths weigh between 720g and 780g and measure only 90mm to 110mm in length.

Price & Availability

The 35mm T1.6 is priced at $799 USD and will be available for preorder in May 2024 and it will begin shipping in June.

The 33mm will cost slightly more than the current series price tag. The price will be announced before the preorder, which is estimated to begin in August 2024, with shipping starting at the end of September.

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