DZOFILM Expands PAVO Anamorphic Series with 65mm Macro, 135mm, & 180mm Lenses

PAVO Series with Macro 65mm 135mm and 180mm Lenses

The DZOFILM PAVO Anamorphic series first debuted during the 2023 NAB SHOW. This year, they will unveil more focal lengths in this category.

DZOFILM has added three new focal lengths to its PAVO series. The Macro 65mm T2.8, 135mm T2.5, and 180mm T2.8 lenses join the lineup, each designed to offer versatility and precision in capturing intricate details.

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The new lenses join the existing 28, 32, 40, 55, 75, and 100mm focal lengths in the series. It is good to see two longer focal lengths added.

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DZOFILM states one standout addition to the latest PAVO series is the 65mm macro lens – World’s Closest focus 2x anamorphic lens.

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The lens features a minimum focusing distance of 36.6cm and a 1:2 magnification ratio, it can capture minute details with fine detail. Its unique blend of close focusing and magnification offers dramatic close-up shots.

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Key features

  • Marco 65mm magnification ratios (1:2)
  • Well-controlled chromatic aberration
  • Oval bokeh and waterfall out of focus
  • With an image circle of 31.5mm, it can cover mainstream S35 format cameras.
  • Expanded focus lengths, remain slight weight (1.2-2kg)
  • Metric or imperial focus markings
  • Built-in back-focus adjustment
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These lenses are compatible with gimbals, Steadicam, and drones, allowing for a wide range of shooting settings, from handheld to aerial, catering to both indie filmmakers and large-scale productions.

The entire PAVO series features 16-blade aperture diaphragms (28mm has 14 blades), creating the classic oval-shaped bokeh for typical anamorphic imagery. DZOFILM states that they with exceptional optical design, precise and effective control is achieved.

Photos Pavo

With a consistent weight (1.2-2kg) across all focal lengths, the PAVO series are relatively lightweight and compact for 2x anamorphic lenses.

Pricing and Availability

The PAVO Anamorphic Lenses are now available for preorder through authorized DZOFILM dealers. Each lens is priced competitively, with bundle options available.

65mm: USD $6879 / EUR €6389. Shipping starts May 10th.
135mm / 180mm: USD $5499 / EUR €5107. Shipping starts April 20th.

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