Core SWX Hypercore G3

The Core SWX Hypercore G3 is the third generation of Hypercore batteries and they offer a 20A power delivery, a PD Pro connection, a new robust polycarbonate housing, a side LCD runtime display, wraparound RGB gauge, standard p-tap, and Voltbridge ID.

The Core SWX Hypercore G3 are available in 99wh and 144wh capacities, in both V-mount and Gold-mount.

The new G3’ HyperCore Packs feature what Core SWX is referring to as a groundbreaking shell design that has been crafted to withstand the rigors of production. This polycarbonate shell provides protection, ensuring the stability and continuity of critical power in the most demanding environments. Integrated within the shell is a relocated side-mounted LCD.

There is also a wraparound RGB LED battery status gauge. This feature not only offers clear and easy monitoring of battery status from any angle but also allows for quick differentiation between multiple packs.

G3150AG AlexaMini

The G3 HyperCore feature a 20A load handling current to provide reliable and consistent power delivery.

G399AG Venice

A Voltbridge iD chip enables the logging of battery data in a local database on your phone, customization of RGB LED colors, and asset tag/password protection. 

Each Hypercore G3 pack comes equipped with an RFID chip to store accumulated battery data. Simply wave your phone near thepack to access vital stats. Arriving this Summer, Core’s Voltbridge ID app streamlines battery fleet management. Core SWX says that you should also keep an eye out for some not yet disclosed features.

HCG3 99AG 5

There are also two PD Pro taps alongside the traditional ptap connector.  These PD Pro ports offer wide-range auxiliary voltage output, from 5v to 28v, along with up to 185w output. This is handy if you are powering on-board lights, monitors, FIZ controllers, or any other equipment.

HCG3 99AG 4

With their cross-compatibility with USBC-PD, the PDPRO taps that are integrated within the G3 HyperCore Packs serve as versatile charging ports for a multitude of devices. Additionally, this compatibility enables the G3 packs to be charged from USBC-PD chargers at up to 100 watts input.


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Screenshot 2024 04 09 at 14 24 09

Price & Availability

The Core SWX Hypercore G3 batteries will be available in June for the following prices:

  • Core SWX Hypercore G3 99wh $399 USD
  • Core SWX Hypercore G3 144wh $549 USD

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