IMAX StreamSmart– a new live streaming optimization tool


IMAX StreamSmart is a new live streaming optimization tool. The sole function of StreamSmart is to ensure premium video quality for live events while lowering distribution costs

The StreamSmart enterprise software for live and linear workflows uses VisionScience, –IMAX’s Emmy-award winning technology that uses AI to comprehensively map the human visual system. This is said to preserve exceptional video quality on live content, while further reducing file sizes on top of existing optimization methods.

How it works is that StreamSmart On-Air reduces the bitrate of live streams, saving 15% or more on the cost of CDN distribution with no distinguishable difference to viewer experience. It is said to seamlessly integrate into an existing encoding and packaging workflow for minimal disruption to the tech stack, and uses a simple manifest manipulation approach, making it codec, encoder, and configuration agnostic.

NAB attendees can see live demonstrations of IMAX StreamSmart On-Air in the West Hall at the IMAX booth (W1529) and the AWS booth (W1701).

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