Hollyland teases new Pyro Wireless Video Transmission System

Hollyland Pyro

The Hollyland Pyro series is an upcoming new wireless video transmission system. It is claimed to be an innovative multi-person mobile wireless image transmission and monitoring solution for small or medium commercial and filmmaking teams.

The Pyro series will be available in two versions; the Pyro H has HDMI input/output, while Pyro S has both HDMI and SDI input/output.

The system consists of one transmitter and four receivers and it features automatic dual-band frequency hopping technology that enables signal transmission at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The intelligent auto frequency hopping also provides enhanced anti-interference capabilities while reducing lag and improving range.

The Pyro series will have 4K/30fps transmission capabilities. I don’t have any further details or information about the system, but I will find out more about it at NAB later this week.

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