DoPChoice SNAPBAGS for Litepanels Astra IP

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DoPChoice has announced SNAPBAGS for the new Litepanels Astra IP fixtures. These new SNAPBAGS are a little different from previous SNAPBAG snap-up softbox versions as they features a unique tulip shape that makes the most of the Astra’s capabilities.

This tulip design eliminates the need for skeletal ribs or rods due to its novel parabolic curve architecture combined with DoPchoice’s proprietary Snapshape material.

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Together with the Astra IP flat yoke, the SNAPBAG enhances manoeuvrability and affords 30° greater downwards tilt angle. ⁠

The SNAPBAGs silver reflective interior intensifies output and for additional direction control, there’s a direct-fit 40º SNAPGRID, and various diffusions available to further diffuse the light.⁠

The lightweight SNAPBAG for the Astra IP opens in a snap and attaches to the fixture quickly and simply. ⁠

Screenshot 2024 04 11 at 3 45 55

The wew SNAPBAGS for the Astra IP come in three sizes: Astra IP Half, 1×1 and 2×1. ⁠The system is backwards compatible with Litepanels’ original Astra and works with 1×1 SNAPBAG accessories, including SNAPGRIDS. ⁠

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